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The genealogy bug bit me in 1985 when my Grandmom passed away.  I realized 

that I knew "nothing" about her!!!  So I started to "shake" this tree..., 

and only a few leaves fell.  I figured, "Oh well...", and just tucked everything 

away.  Now & then I would attempt to shake the branches, and would 

normally just hit a huge root.  A couple of years ago we finally bought 

a computer..., and "POOF", like magic the leaves started to fall..., "slowly".  


After conversations with family, surfin' the web, and the generous help of 

some folks who did lookups for me, I have been able to find out the 

following information on my family...



WARNING  **Take Cover**  WARNING


Donna's Descending Line A Wee Bit About Us Shawn's Descending Line
Diggin' Of Our Roots
A Variety Of Sites Many Family Photos





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