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Shawn & I dated during high school, and then we caught back up 

with each other in 1988.  I thank God for letting our paths cross 

again!  My husband and I are best friends, and we believe that is a 

solid step that anyone should have in a relationship.  It's great 

knowing that we can talk about anything.  Another step to keep 

in mind..., always "discuss" problems.  Yelling and fighting 

definately doesn't help the intial problem now does it?!?!  And as 

they say, "Never go to bed angry"!!  We have known each other for 

over 22 years, and each year gets better and better!!! 


Having children was a task in itself.  I had problems carrying, and 

honestly didn't believe that we would be blessed with them.  The first 

child that I carried, Aarin Shane; we lost her at 5 months.  The pain 

was unbelieveable!!  Especially considering that Aarin's due date 

was Shawn's birthday.  We didn't give up hope, and again I was 

with child.  The doctor ordered bedrest and close monitoring.  Arriving 

into this world four weeks early, ((and 36 hours of labor)), 

Troy Ethan was born!!!  The best part of that day was when Shawn 

called his Dad.  He wished Tom a "Happy Birthday", and "by the way, 

congratulations Grandpa!!"  Yes, Troy was born on his Grandpa's birthday!!! 


We didn't want our son to be an only child, and two years later, with 

bedrest and monitoring, our daughter was born.  Casey Elizabeth 

arrived three weeks early, and..., are you ready for this???  Casey 

was born on Shawn's birthday!!!  We couldn't get over how blessed 

we felt, considering that this was Aarin's due date.  You can sit back 

and wonder, "Why the pain and now the joy?!"  All I have to say is, 

"God does work in mysterious ways!"




Sand Sculpture by Ted Conibear

Photo by Donna O'Malley


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